Organic Avocados

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Super Tasty Super Food!

Mild flavored and versatile, organic avocados add a creamy boost of nutrients to smoothies, appetizers, entrées and more. Whether you prefer to eat them sliced with fresh-cracked pepper, spread on sandwiches, or mashed to guacamole perfection, organic avocados hit the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the secret to knowing when an avocado is ready to eat?

An avocado is ready to eat when the stem’s nub on the top of the avocado is easily pulled off and you see green underneath. If the stem doesn’t come off, the fruit is not yet ripe enough to eat.

If you’re shopping for avocados a few days before you need them, buy them bright green and hard. Keep them on your counter at room temperature, and they will be dark green and soft to the touch in 3 to 4 days–free of all the extra bumping and bruising that can occur in a bin of ripe avocados!


Can I speed up the ripening process?

Yes! You can speed up the ripening process by putting the fruit in a brown paper bag for 2 to 4 days. Put an apple or banana in the bag for an extra boost of ripening power, and store at room temperature.


How should I store my organic avocados?

Unripe, uncut avocados ripen best at room temperature. To store cut or mashed avocado, squeeze lemon or lime juice over the fruit and place in an air-tight container (or cover securely with clear plastic wrap) in the refrigerator.


What are some good ways to use avocados?

Organic avocados are delicious as is, but they pair wonderfully with many foods. In Brazil, avocados mixed with ice cream is a popular dessert. Avocados can be substituted for butter or oil in your favorite baked goods, or be used in place of mayonnaise in other applications. You can whip it, grill it, mash it, or slice it–the options are endless!


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