Organic Pears

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Subtly Sweet.

Nothing compares to the mellow notes of an organic pear. You can slice and serve pears as part of a cheese plate, chop and add a gourmet touch to salads, bake into tartlets, or enjoy as a snack or in your lunchbox. A fruit that’s been beloved since ancient times, pears provide a unique, classic presence on your plate and palate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the method for selecting the perfect pear?

Gently press at the top of the pear near the stem. If the spot gives in to the pressure, the pear is probably ripe and ready to enjoy.


How can I speed up or slow down the ripening process?

Time and temperature are key for pear ripening. Cold temperatures stop the ripening process, so keep your pears out of the refrigerator until your fruit has reached the optimal ripeness. Then you can prolong the perfection by placing it in the fridge.


How should I store my organic pears to maximize their freshness?

Keep pears out of bags, which limit their exposure to oxygen and trap the ethylene they naturally produce (a harmless, odorless, tasteless gas), speeding up their ripening process. Avoid storing near pungent foods, as pears tend to absorb those scents.


Have more questions about organics?

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